Dr. Dee Chohan

This is My Story

There was once a skinny little girl, who was born in a small part of Birmingham called Smethwick. She wore glasses, had her hair in two plaits and wore long, white socks to school everyday. She read a lot of books, as she was an only child and often, very lonely. She loved to play with her Granddad who doted on her very much. She loved to throw things,especially snowballs at his beard, and the tiny, red Monopoly hotels, if he ever threatened to beat her at this board game.

The reading paid off, and she won a place at the local Grammar school, which had wonderful teachers (maybe, even the best Biology teacher in the world), but was in a rather unsavory part of the city.

She exceeded her dreams, and read Biology at the University of Cambridge. She was incredibly ill in her second year, but some genius surgeons saved her life. She realized she was alive, due their hard work and generous spirits. She had an epiphany and begged her wonderful Director of Studies to let her change to medicine, and so…

Doctor Dee was born.