Many people will have made New Year’s Resolutions, such as losing weight, stopping smoking, going to the gym every week, and now it is February, we are realizing that we may have already failed to keep them.
However, don’t lose hope! You can modify them so that you continue these habits that will change your life for the better!

  • Pick resolutions that are important to you. There is no point just choosing ones just because your friends suggested them, such as “not swearing”. They should be ones that matter to you, like “stopping smoking, as I want to be healthier and live longer.”
  • Have an action plan that you know is realistic and you can maintain. There’s no point joining a gym, if you hate doing weights or using the machines. Instead, pick something you enjoy and know you’ll do, like going for a run 3 times a week or swimming or yoga.
  • Understand that you may lapse occasionally, and this is not failure- it’s simply being human. If you eat pizza tonight, you can make up for it by avoiding chocolate or chips for the next week and you can still lose weight.
  • Set a target that you can achieve and reward yourself when you do it! Go and buy yourself those new pair of shoes you’ve wanted, when you manage to lose 2kg this month!
  • Tell good friends and family your goals, so that they can support you and reward you when you achieve them.
  • Keep an organized list or a diary so you have proof that you are doing really well.

Keep up the good work!.