It is extremely important for your good health to make precious time to relax, and this is something most of us don’t do in our fast-paced modern lives. I am now part-time so I can focus on writing more interesting and useful blogs for you, and of course, relax, which benefits my blood pressure, heart rate, skin, mental state…

So here are my top tips to help you relax!

1. Sleep well. Make sure your bedroom is dark and quiet, so you can a goodnight’s rest. Remember beauty sleep will help to keep you looking young too!

2. Eat well. Lots of fruit and vegetables will help your body to adjust, boost your immune system and keep your bowels regular. It is not easy to be relaxed if you are constipated!

3. Go out in the fresh air. We are often cooped up in offices at work all day ( or a big hospital) and all that air conditioned recycled air is not the best for your lungs. Going out and enjoying being in a wonderful park, forest or by the sea will make you appreciate what a pleasure it is to simply be alive.

4. Regular exercise. Make sure you work your muscles hard in doing whatever you enjoy, whether it be weights in the gym, swimming or running. You will release endorphins which will make you feel calm after your workout.

5. Massage. This will melt the tension from your muscles and you will feel like your floating into the air. Go on- treat yourself!

6. Yoga calms me down so much. It is truly a wonderful exercise for your mind and body. The alignment of the poses and the stretching of your muscles will relax you and strengthen you. Your posture will also improve, making you look more attractive!

7. Meditation. This is quite difficult at first, but if you focus on your breathing, sit still, close your eyes and simply, count your breaths slowly in and out, you will be clearing your mind. We are normally thinking several hectic thoughts at once, and just taking 10minutes each day to focus on your breath and on yourself, will help you to be a more relaxed individual.

8. Acupuncture. I recently found the most amazing acupuncturist (her name is Isabel Peace) and I do not know how she does it, but you will feel enlightened, relaxed and happy after a session with an expert acupuncturist. The science behind it is the needles affect the nerves and the currents flowing through them. The nerves then can affect different hormones or simply make us feel better!

9. Smile. Try and make an effort to be more happy during your day and smile at other people. This is proven to make you feel happier, and as others smile back at you, you will definitely feel more relaxed.

10. Last but not least but my favourite. Kiss someone you really like. This will definitely relax you both..