Quite a few of you have asked me how to be a healthy weight, how to lose weight and one young man wanted to get bigger, as he is underweight!
Obesity is a major problem causing diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems and strokes, as well as other illnesses. However, do go and see your doctor if you’re worried as occasionally, thyroid disorders or other illnesses can make people gain or lose weight.
Here are some of my tips to keep your body healthy!

  1. Eat a low fat diet. We do need a small amount of fat, but most people eat too much, so cut back on butter, fatty meat, junk food, like chips and chocolate. Try and use oils like olive oil and eat lean fish or chicken. Nuts are very healthy. You should only get 20% of your energy intake from fats each day.
  2. Eat more protein. This is from seeds, beans, lentils, eggs, lean fish or white meats, like chicken or turkey, as well as dairy products. This will fill you up so you’ll eat less junk food and protein builds muscle, which looks good!
  3. Do regular fun exercise! This can be anything you like, running, football, swimming, basketball, yoga, cycling, but try and do some hard exercise 4 times a week for an hour at least. You’ll become stronger, fitter and gain weight if you’re too skinny, and lose weight if you’re obese!
  4. Eat less sugar, sweets or chocolate. Sugary drinks, like Coca Cola, have up to 16 spoons of sugar in a can! Think of how your teeth will go black and rotten! Lots of juice drinks are full of sugar too, so drink water or fresh juice, with no added sugar.
  5. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. You can get loads of tasty recipes from the Internet and this way, you know what you are putting in your body.
  6. Avoid junk foods or take away foods. Street foods are also laden with fat, salt and sugar, which are really bad for you!
  7. Drink less alcohol. This is high in calories and rather than your liver making muscle proteins, your liver focuses on burning the alcohol. Avoid this when you’re trying to get fit. Instead, drink 8 glasses of water a day as this is vital to build muscle and for many other important bodily functions.
  8. A healthy weight is generally a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 20-25. Some people might have a BMI of 18.5 if they are very skinny naturally. (There are many BMI calculators online)
    The main thing is to exercise and eat well.
  9. Weight bearing exercise, like weights at the gym or home, or yoga, makes your bones stronger and makes more muscle which keeps burning calories, even when you rest.
  10. Eat well, exercise and be happy! Find a healthy fitness system, which works for you and you can use for life!