Hello! I’m Dee and I want to welcome you to my new website! I’m really excited about it, as I know it’ll be an amazing way for you to gain tips on your own health, learn about your body, and find out new ways to have a stress-free, happy life.

I am an Emergency doctor, so I have to know about anything I see on a daily basis at work, and how to treat it! (That includes warts, herpes, acne, wrinkles, impotence, and anything else you can imagine being embarrassed by). You can be assured that my tips have been researched thoroughly, as I am a bit of a (closet) geek!

You’ll also have an insight into my life and what it’s like being a busy hospital doctor, but most of all, I hope you enjoy looking through my website and listening to my podcasts.

Join me on Twitter and be my fans on Facebook too! Now, go have a look at my media experiences, read my words of wisdom(!) and have a wander around my brand, spanking- new, website!.